The harvest of Ephemeral

The harvest of ephemeral (La récolte des éphémères)

Photographic works, 2016
Galerie La Ferronnerie (Paris)


Walden's butterlfly, 2016, each 30x40 cm, inkjet prints with chemical manipulation


Butterfly memory, 2016, screen 7'', python code, raspberry pi


Holometabola, 2016, 74x60x200 cm, lambda prints, board, sawhorses, fluorescent lights


Laranjas da melancolia, 2016, two part work - each 40x60 cm, inkjet print on baryte paper


Sans titre [Bosphore], 2016, 43x64 cm, inkjet print on baryte paper


Sans titre [Camelia], 2016, 43x64 cm, inkjet print on baryte paper


Au bord du fleuve, book, 15x23cm, 40 pages.

On the shore, I was watching him for a while. He was taking some pictures. Without any stop. To which necessity was responding that photographic will ? I don't know. But I was like jealous about that concentration, that tenacity. I wanted to participate in that sort of mysterical rite. Right now, far away from the large river, I'm still looking in these images the secret of his images.